All is well in my life


Hello to all sweet Yogis


Thank you so much for reading my short blogging.


I would like to invite you all to our Hatha Yoga classes in Latham court Hall in Shirley Southampton. We have started practising yoga classes on 3rd of November and so far we had wonderful successful classes. 

Latham Court Hall manage about 12 people perhaps even more with plenty of space among students as we are following Covid guidelines. 

We have started Hatha yoga classes for Beginners on 3rd of November 2021 in the beautiful and sweet Latham court Hall which is very spacious for everybody to attend. everyone is welcome. students over 60 years old pay only £6 and below 60 years old £8

We always start our yoga class with centering ourselves and carry on with Yoga asanas movement of the body .Our postures are flowing with our breath so every movement we do is according to our breath. You will learn basic simple yogic asanas for beginners to start your body.

We also include breath work which helps us to restore our emotional being and let go all negative patterns, negative energy or anything which is no longer needed in ourselves.  Our yoga class is closed with lovely meditation so we can practise peace in our minds and it helps for overall wellbeing. 

Everybody is welcome, come and join us and meet new smiley happy people.

I have also attached on my first blog picture of myself and my son who was my first  Hatha Yoga asanas teacher in India.

Love and Light 

Alena xx