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About Satazure Yoga in Southampton

I have practiced high yoga techniques of meditation for 27 years. I have practised Kriya Yoga and I am a student of Paramahansa Yogananda for more than 20 years. It was six years ago when I embraced the yoga asanas of Hatha Yoga as taught by my son Satyam Singh Bundela, who is an advanced yogi, and my teacher Mr Gupta, who has a large following in Southampton. Finally it was my teacher from online yoga school, Stephanie, who made it possible for me to become a yoga teacher during the Covid lockdown in England and India. I am an open-minded and open-hearted yoga teacher and mentor. I also work as a youth worker, where I have helped many young people around the globe to have a better way of life, by improving their mental and emotional wellbeing.



Teaching yoga online and in person

My attention lately has been my work with students and young people. It is a great joy to introduce people to yoga for the first time. I initially learned asana yoga from young people in India, and it was great joy to watch how their strength, confidence and happiness had grown. Every young person must have a great start into adulthood and their life. Young people are our future. Everyone is welcome to come to our online classes.

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Practice peace. Practice movement. Breathe. Focus and positive thinking.

I am also a teacher of positive thinking. I authored and wrote the book Elephant Healing, a guide for couples who are going through difficult periods in their relationships. This book can be viewed and purchased here: Elephant Healing