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Hello, and a heartfelt welcome to Satazure Yoga. It is nice meeting you all.
At Satazure we explore together the world of yoga, learning how to move, how to breathe, and becoming one with the movement of our body, breath and mind.

Yoga is the union and harmony of the body, mind and soul.









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The benefits of yoga

Practising yoga can make you better in every way when it comes to your health, happiness, energy levels and ability to relax. Yogis of all ages have shown how happy and peaceful life can be with a small amount of effort and mindfulness. With our yoga classes in Southampton you can learn how to perform asanas, yoga postures, yogic breathing and how to develop stillness in meditation. Everyone is welcome in my classes. We will practise yoga poses together and undertake breath work, making you feel relaxed and positive, feeling strong and whole once more.

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 Our yoga classes



I perform several yoga classes online, teaching the main asanas, and meditative breathing. You can arrange a class with me via our booking system. Through online yoga lessons I intend that you will gain the experience of our welcoming atmosphere and meditative aura.

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Face to face

Our face to face yoga lessons take place in a comfortable, reassuring group atmosphere, and in our opinion, this enhances the yoga experience and your development. If you want to take part in our yoga classes in Southampton, you are welcome to book or email directly. Classes are for one hour and cost just £8.

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Yoga Instructor in Southampton




Alena- yoga instructor


About Alena

Having practised yogic meditation for 27 years, and am a student of Paramahansa Yogananda for over 20 years, I decided recently to begin teaching hatha yoga asanas and meditation yoga worldwide. During lockdown, I worked with many students around the world, teaching yoga online and building up my experience and knowledge.

My focus recently has been to work with students and young people, to introduce them to yoga for the first time, and to give people an initial taste of yoga. I initially learned asana yoga from young people in India, and other teachers and also subject on wellbeing and positive thinking. I am situated in Southampton and classes are available in person and online.

Yoga helps us not just physically but also removes negative emotions and stuck pain within some of our organs. Yogic breathing can do that. Special yogic breathing will be available soon.

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Why take up yoga?

For yoga beginners, the benefits come as we practise regularly. With each class we notice positive changes about ourselves.

  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Helps you to relax and improves sleep
  • Connects you with your higher self
  • Releases all different aches and pains, and stress-related illnesses
  • Improves posture and strength





A warm welcome for yoga beginners

At Satazure, I want to make sure every new starter is welcomed to the class, and enjoys learning about yoga. My classes are planned to be easy to understand, with poses that are easy to follow, and lots of instructive help for breathing exercises. Every class will always have a peaceful ambiance conducive to meditating and where you can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Yoga Classes






Yoga videos    

Watch this space in the upcoming weeks to see my selection of yoga videos, suitable for beginners.


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 Everyone is welcome at our yoga classes in Southampton

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